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McGRATH: Muhammad Ali’s exploits helped 13-year-old navigate tough times

I don’t remember the name of the half-blind ex-fighter who sold us pencils to go with our scorecards outside Comiskey Park when I was a kid, but my father knew him. They were ordinary pencils, but Pops always slipped the guy a few bucks for them. My father worked security at ballparks, racetracks and boxing venues to augment his modest policeman’s salary. He had a soft spot for the fighters, a guilty pleasure passed on to me.

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Ali wins again – this time at the IFTAs!

Hot of the press! Aideen O’Sullivan and Ross Whitaker were delighted to receive their IFTA for best Television Programme in the Sports category at tonight’s awards.

IFTA Nomination!

We are delighted to be nominated for the 10th Annual Film & Television Awards. Find out more details here: